“Jay Gottlieb is one of the best musicians I know: an unusually gifted musician, a charming, strong personality, intelligent, a real artist. I have a real affection for him. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
– Nadia Boulanger

“Extremely interesting… he gives evidence of a sure originality… the best qualities in the domain of execution.”
– Pierre Boulez

“A magnificent technique, the harmonies and timbres are marvelously rendered. An authoritative, ideal performance.”
– Olivier Messiaen

“Jay Gottlieb is a great pianist: technique, musicianship, knowledge of all styles, instinct for sonorities. Prodigious.”
– Yvonne Loriod

“Jay Gottlieb is a musician, a pianist of exceptional quality.
Dear Nadia Boulanger knew this.”
– Gaby Casadesus

“Beautiful playing!”
– Philippe Entremont

Menahem Pressler“Beautiful playing!”
– Menahem Pressler

“Jay Gottlieb: beautiful sound, dazzling technique, impressive musicianship, great program.”
– Betsy Jolas

“I have great admiration for Jay Gottlieb.”
– Luciano Berio

“Jay Gottlieb plays the piano and my music as I always dreamed it should be.”
– Sylvano Bussotti

“Transcendental playing.”
– Giacinto Scelsi

“Many thanks to Jay for the beautiful ‘Makrokosmos’. I have never heard ‘Dream Images’ so magnificently played.”
– George Crumb

“Jay Gottlieb is one of those rare musicians a composer has in mind when he writes his music. He is deeply committed to new music and equally knowledgeable in the field of older music. He plays the piano beautifully.”
– Lukas Foss

– Leonard Bernstein

“Jay Gottlieb, an admirable artist… An unforgettable interpretation.”
– Luis De Pablo

“Jay Gottlieb: a magician of sparks, of blazes, who conjures for us the night of the Americas, the engravings of Goya, who renders justice to Fauré by giving him a virile and vital sound, who clutches Ariadne’s thread from the labyrinth of Ives. Listen to him. Before long he will be among the comets that one does not see often enough, and from too far for the liking of those who discovered him and love him.”
– Maurice Ohana

Bruno Mantovani“An adventurer with infallible virtuosity, Jay Gottlieb is not only an exceptional pianist, he
is also a remarkable pedagogue. He knows how to captivate an audience, to transmit, to create a hierarchy between the essential and the detail. For his musical and pedagogical qualities, Jay Gottlieb is for me one of the major artists of our time.”
– Bruno Mantovani, Director, Paris Conservatory

“I was really delighted with the recital that Jay Gottlieb gave at La Roque d’Anthéron this summer. It is events of this quality that give our festival its reputation.”
– René Martin, Director, International Piano Festival of La Roque d’Anthéron

“Jay Gottlieb’s considerable cultural and musical refinement give him noble and solid footing as a pianist. One can only marvel at the plenitude of the sound and the ease of the dynamism that are his… He plays with a fluidity and a sense of sonic space which give way to incantation, where one feels progressively spellbound… Observing him, I was able to detect and appreciate the very natural contact of his hands with the keys, deploying the wonderful Lisztian ‘retropulsive energy’ that he is one of the rare pianists today to have assimilated. I therefore congratulate him on having accomplished the amalgamation of music and gesture in a beautiful unity.”
– Bertrand Ott, Author of “Lisztian Keyboard Energy”